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Why not Patreon?

While I have a Patreon (and if you really wish to, you can support me via it, and you can access this site as a Member if you support me via Patreon) I’ve decided to put my focus on my own web site. Here are the reasons:

1. Lack of features

Patreon only has the ability to set up pledges and make posts. Though it has a good system to sort out who pledged what and provide statistics, as well as provide Discord access, I have no flexibility beyond that. With my own site, I can add or change whatever features I like. Here, I have a forum, image galleries and community features.

2. Restrictions

Patreon restricts the kinds of rewards I can give. I can’t have giveaways, for example. Not only that, they stated in an email to one person that “As your brand is funded through Patreon, we consider your brand’s activity on and off Patreon as subject to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.”

While I get their reasoning, by that logic, I can’t, for example, even have giveaways on THIS site, because it breaks their rules. That’s too much.

2. Time

With Youtube, the web site, Patreon and Discord, that makes 4 things I have to monitor and maintain. That takes up valuable time I’d rather put to use on my own site.

3. My own site!

Why am I re-directing people from the videos to a 3rd party site when I have my own? I want to re-direct people to my own site. That makes far more sense.

4. Patreon takes around 10% of pledges.

That makes a significant difference — the same as having another dozen or more supporters. Not only that, but they have been unreliable when it comes to the timing of payouts, due to their charging everyone, then paying everyone at the same time at the beginning of the month. On my site, everything is done depending on the date you first pledge.

Is this site safe?

Absolutely. For payments, it uses one of the world’s largest payment services, Stripe.

I also have multiple security services implemented, including the ability to have 2-factor authentication for members. The services proactively monitor connections and prevent intrusion attempts.

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